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http-analyze 2.2
for OS/2

About http-analyze

http-analyze is a fast log analyzer for web servers. It analyzes logfiles and creates a detailed summary of the server's access load in tabular, graphical and three-dimensional form.

Please read the manpage for the complete usage information on http-analyze.


The EMX runtime environment 0.9d (or later) is needed for usage with OS/2.

It is possible to use the executable on Windows9x/NT if you install RSX 1.50 (or later) instead of EMX, but you might prefer the official windows port available from the http-analyze homepage.


The zip archive contains the executable and the complete (patched) sourcecode: http-analyze-2.2.zip (1.647KB)

Bug Reports, Feedback

Please send questions and bug reports regarding the OS/2 port to <ports@SteffenSiebert.de>.

Original Distribution

The unmodified source is available from the http-analyze Homepage.

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