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Rsync 2.2.1
for OS/2

About Rsync

rsync is a replacement for rcp that has many more features.

rsync uses the "rsync algorithm" which provides a very fast method for bringing remote files into sync. It does this by sending just the differences in the files across the link, without requiring that both sets of files are present at one of the ends of the link beforehand. At first glance this may seem impossible because the calculation of diffs between two files normally requires local access to both files.


The EMX runtime environment 0.9d (or later) is needed for usage with OS/2.

Usage on Windows

You can run the executable under Windows9x/NT too, using RSX 1.50 (or later) instead of EMX. But I don't recommend to use my port under windows, since there are better working ports using Cygwin.

Robert Scholten wrote a really helpful page called "Installing ssh and rsync on a Windows machine" which contains a step by step installation description and links to several windows ports.


The current port has several limitations:
  1. You can receive files only on devices which support long filenames.
  2. The rsync port does not work in daemon mode. Thus the --daemon option is not available.
  3. The server mode seems to have bugs. I'm not sure whether these bugs can be fixed in rsync since the problem might be the OS/2 rshd.


The zip archive contains the executable and the complete (patched) sourcecode: rsync-2.2.1.zip (354KB)

Feedback and Bug Reports

Please send questions and bug reports regarding the OS/2 port to <ports@SteffenSiebert.de>.

For other Bugs please look at http://rsync.samba.org/rsync/ if you have web access.

This will give you access to the bug tracking system used by the developers of rsync and will allow you to look at other bug reports or submit a new bug report.

If you don't have web access then mail bug reports to rsync-bugs@samba.org or (if you think it will be of interest to lots of people) send it to rsync@samba.org

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for the discussion of rsync and its applications. It is open to anyone to join. I will announce new versions on this list.

To join the mailing list send mail to listproc@samba.org with no subject and a body of "subscribe rsync Your Name".

To send mail to everyone on the list send it to rsync@samba.org.

Original Distribution

The unmodified source is available from the rsync-Homepage.

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