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Alternative Movie Database

new Version 1.4 Beta 1 new

I've written a local Interface to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for Win32 (Windows32 and Windows NT) called Alternative Movie Database (AMDb). It contains both a graphical and command line interface to the IMDb.

It's purpose is to give you fast and easy access to the information of the IMDb without the need to go online.


Here are some examples on how the AMDb is queried. Just click on commandlines to view the output they create:

It is even easier to query the database using the graphical interface.

If you want a preview, here is a sample screenshot.


Please read the following documents for further information:



The Alternative Movie Database is free software. The latest version is always available from this site via http: amdbw_140b1.exe (1300KB)

Programming Information

The command line interface is written in ANSI C and rather portable.

Thorsten M. Wahl wrote AMDbFront, the graphical user interface for Windows using Delphi.


SyncIMDB is a freeware tool written by Wim Mortier for automatically downloading new diff-files for the IMDb lists.

User Contributed Notesadd a note
sacred (g-crew@yandex.ru)
07.12.2005 02:01
in order to get your amdb working - do this,
i had the same problem here - and finally found the solution. crate .txt file. put these lines there:


change the path to yours. then rename the file to
yourfilename.bat - Now you can execute the file and get your imdb working.
sacred (g-crew@yandex.ru)
07.12.2005 02:01
the last line!!!!
sacred (g-crew@yandex.ru)
07.12.2005 02:01
this message board doesnt work correct.
the last line must contain the path to amdbfront.exe
joe gillian (xm6s0rumm0w5p5a@jetable.net)
08.12.2004 13:00
How does this work???
I downloaded amdbw_140b1.exe from here, installed it.
got veriable environment not set error

How do you fix it?

from readme:
Set AMD_PATH to the path, where the database should be created. Set
AMD_LISTS_PATH to the path of the internet movie database lists.
For example:

SET AMD_PATH="c:program filesamdbdbs"
SET AMD_LISTS_PATH="c:program filesamdblists"

How to set these? in the .ini

Please hep me to use this software.

Dijabola (anon@acme.com)
07.12.2004 03:00
About month ago, diff file was wrong, and update was no longer possible. After downloading complete database (*.list.gz), everything works fine. So far?

Kostas (nospam)
07.12.2004 02:00
The building of indexes hangs (and then exits) just after the processing of biographies. Tested on celeron800/512RAM and P3.2GHz/1GBRAM.

Any help, please?

Joerg (Dummy)
03.12.2004 04:01
Yes, the programm still works.
Stan (ryo_le_noceur@yahoo.com)
02.12.2004 07:01
It doesnt seem to work for me: before the creation of the database i get the error ".../dbs" dir doesnt exist, although it DOES exist.
Please help!
Ken (kenkong_2845@yahoo.com)
02.11.2003 03:01
Does this program still work. Does it work on XP.I download the above program and can not get it to run.I want to use it with NBS Catologue. Any information would be grateful.
Dijabola (anon@acme.com)
02.11.2003 05:01

Rename or delete movie-links.list and program will work fine, Without movie links, of course...
bobby (bobby@scguy.com)
02.11.2003 05:00
Does anyone know of an XML based IMDB feed? It would be great to be able to access this information all via xml? Seems like it would be the easier way for everyone to use it, seeing as how XML is a widely used standard...

kajtek (subscriber@antoniola.com)
09.12.2003 08:00
I cannot generate database using gendb. I tried new and old version and still have problems. Was anybody recently succesful creating databse from September files
thorna (sarman-at-dot-t-online.de)
08.12.2003 06:02
Hm seems that genres.gz is corrupt since some time.... :(
Any idea how to get imdb guys to repair it?
my prob is that i dont have list files anymore.. only transformed already....
so maybe someone could send me last know good file.... or
for example some list file from june, and i could fetch diff files...
Dirk Se?ler (plsnspm-pleasenospam@yahoo.de)
08.12.2003 03:00
Does anybody know a SyncIMDB like tool which ist usable over a Squid web proxy? Or somthing alike for Linux? Maybe a wget script?
Theo (smacpost@xs4all.nl)
04.12.2003 19:00
I had some similar problems. Apparently every once in a while something goes wrong with these diffs. The only solution I could think of was to remove the listfiles that generated the error message (in your case biographies, actors & actresses), then applydiff all the good files, download the new current listfiles for these categories and gendb the whole thing. Not too elegant maybe, but the fastest way to get back to normal.
M. Vick (post.boy@ntlworld.com)
04.12.2003 11:01
Has anyone any suggestions about the following.

1) A problem with diffs 031128 - applydif updates all lists
except for biographies (gives wrong diffs message).

2) A problem with diffs 040227 - applydif updates all lists
except for actors and actresses (gives wrong diffs message).

any help appreciated!!.
Theo (smacpost@xs4all.nl)
04.12.2003 07:00
Thanks for this great hint EST! Tried it and got my local MovieDataBase running again for the first time in months!
EST (est@magneto3.chemie.uni-hamburg.de)
04.12.2003 05:00
There are two problems with the movie-links.list:
First add a line of "-" at the end of the file.
The second bug is that entries of more than 524 lines
give an error. Just shorten the entries (so far I found
the problem with "Star Wars (1977)" and
"Wizard of Oz, The (1939)")
Ahmet (ringahmet@hotmail.com)
04.12.2003 04:01
I have the same problem with Mike. Can help anybody to me,please ?
Mike (amdb.x.beal@spamgourmet.com)
02.12.2003 08:01
AMDB has a problem with building the db out of the current (beginning 2004) listfiles. GenDB hangs on reading movie-links. Is the source available, so that I can fix the problem and send you a patch?
NenoRMaleN (nenormalen@nenormalen.net)
08.12.2002 12:01
Great tool!!! My own movie DB.......... cool
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