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Alternative Movie Database

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I've written a local Interface to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for Win32 (Windows32 and Windows NT) called Alternative Movie Database (AMDb). It contains both a graphical and command line interface to the IMDb.

It's purpose is to give you fast and easy access to the information of the IMDb without the need to go online.


Here are some examples on how the AMDb is queried. Just click on commandlines to view the output they create:

It is even easier to query the database using the graphical interface.

If you want a preview, here is a sample screenshot.


Please read the following documents for further information:



The Alternative Movie Database is free software. The latest version is always available from this site via http: amdbw_140b1.exe (1300KB)

Programming Information

The command line interface is written in ANSI C and rather portable.

Thorsten M. Wahl wrote AMDbFront, the graphical user interface for Windows using Delphi.


SyncIMDB is a freeware tool written by Wim Mortier for automatically downloading new diff-files for the IMDb lists.

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