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IBM SearchManager/2 AddOn

new 28.01.1999: New Release new

I wrote a DLL which adds some important features to SM/2:
  • Support of RMAIL files
  • Support of HTML files
  • Support of gzipped files
  • Files can be ignored by file-extension
  • Format of some specific or all files in a directory can be specified using a special file
  • Contains complete source
The DLL is free (but of course you need SM/2 to use it), you can download it via http from this site: sm2addon.zip (1.223KB).

Please read the documentation for further information.

If you'd like to have SM/2 support for a file format which is currently not supported, take a look into the SM/2 FAQ for more information.

Release History:

  • CHANGED: New SM2AddOn Homepage URL and contact email address.
  • NEW: Files with extension ".shtml" are treated as HTML.
  • NEW: Support for RMAIL files (aka Babyl Format) used by GNU Emacs to store mails and news. SM2AddOn treats files with extension .rmail like a directory containing files, where each file correspond to one mail.
  • NEW: Release of the Sourcecode.
  • CHANGED: SM2AddOn uses zlib to uncompress files packed with gzip. The environment variable SM2_GZIP_FILTER is now obsolete. (As a side effect it not longer possible to prevent SM2AddOn from uncompressing gzipped files).
  • FIXED: Several minor bugs (most of them only showed for directories with a huge amount of files).
  • FIXED: The AddOn didn't work properly on systems with partitions unknown to OS/2 (e.g. NTFS)
  • FIXED: EHSLSSFS.DLL crashed if a document could not be opened.
  • FIXED: GZIP compressed files and/or HTML files could not be processed, if the filename contained some special characters (e.g., '+')

What is SearchManager/2?

The IBM SearchManager/2 (SM/2) is a very powerful tool for easy finding a document which you remember being on your hard-drive, but have absolutely no idea, where it is or how it's named.

Just think of it as if you can use AltaVista to search your harddisk (in fact, AltaVista has released a similar freeware program called " AltaVista Discovery", but it only runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT).

Unfortunately the SM/2 is held secret by the IBM marketing and even support is hard to get (don't bother to search the Internet for fixes, just write to the support-staff on Compuserve, Forum IBMDES). At least there is some product information on IBM's WWW pages.

Please note that the email address provided on the IBM SM/2 homepage seems to be invalid. But you may write to Peter Andermann at IBM for SM/2 support questions.

Other useful SearchManager/2 stuff:

Robert Mahoney wrote a DLL which provides a REXX API to SM/2. Unfortunatly his homepage is no longer available, but you can still find a copy in the internet archive.

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